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Human Resource Management & It's Functions

HR (Human Resource) the board (regularly abridged as HR the executives or HR) is a wide term that covers a scope of capacities related with recruiting, preparing and overseeing representatives. Zeroing in on everything from enrollment to finance, HR divisions guarantee that organizations observe government laws and best practices while dealing with their representatives, a training that benefits the workers as well as the organization's capacity to work proficiently.

As per Armstrong (1997), Human Resource Management can be characterized as "a vital way to deal with obtaining, creating, overseeing, rousing and picking up the dedication of the association's distinct advantage – the individuals who work in and for it."

Functions of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management capacities can be characterized in following three classifications.

  1. Managerial Functions,

  2. Operative Functions, and

  3. Advisory Functions

The Managerial Functions of Human Resource Management are as follows:

1. Human Resource Planning - In this capacity of HRM, the number and sort of workers expected to achieve authoritative objectives is resolved. Exploration is a significant aspect of this capacity, data is gathered and broke down to recognize current and future human asset needs and to gauge evolving qualities, mentality, and conduct of workers and their effect on association.

2. Organising - In an association errands are allotted among its individuals, connections are recognized, and exercises are incorporated towards a typical goal. Connections are set up among the workers with the goal that they can all in all add to the accomplishment of association objective.

3. Directing - Activating representatives at various level and causing them to contribute most extreme to the association is conceivable through appropriate bearing and inspiration. Taping the most extreme possibilities of the representatives is conceivable through inspiration and order.

4. Controlling - After arranging, sorting out, and coordinating, the genuine exhibition of representatives is checked, confirmed, and contrasted and the plans. On the off chance that the genuine exhibition is found strayed from the arrangement, control measures are needed to be taken.

The Operative Functions of Human Resource Management are as follows:

1. Recruitment and Selection - Recruitment of candidates is the function preceding the selection, which brings the pool of prospective candidates for the organization so that the management can select the right candidate from this pool.

2. Job Analysis and Design - Job analysis is the process of describing the nature of a job and specifying the human requirements like qualification, skills, and work experience to perform that job. Job design aims at outlining and organizing tasks, duties, and responsibilities into a single unit of work for the achievement of certain objectives.

3. Performance Appraisal - Human resource professionals are required to perform this function to ensure that the performance of employee is at acceptable level.

4. Training and Development - This function of human resource management helps the employees to acquire skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively. Training an development programs are organized for both new and existing employees. Employees are prepared for higher level responsibilities through training and development.

5. Wage and Salary Administration - Human resource management determines what is to be paid for different type of jobs. Human resource management decides employees compensation which includes - wage administration, salary administration, incentives, bonuses, fringe benefits, and etc,.

6. Employee Welfare - This function refers to various services, benefits, and facilities that are provided to employees for their well being.

7. Maintenance - Human resource is considered as asset for the organization. Employee turnover is not considered good for the organization. Human resource management always try to keep their best performing employees with the organization.

8. Labour Relations - This function refers to the interaction of human resource management with employees who are represented by a trade union. Employees comes together and forms an union to obtain more voice in decisions affecting wage, benefits, working condition, etc,.

9. Personnel Research - Personnel researches are done by human resource management to gather employees' opinions on wages and salaries, promotions, working conditions, welfare activities, leadership, etc,. Such researches helps in understanding employees satisfaction, employees turnover, employee termination, etc,.

10. Personnel Record - This function involves recording, maintaining, and retrieving employee related information like - application forms, employment history, working hours, earnings, employee absents and presents, employee turnover and other other data related to employees.

The Advisory Functions of Human Resource Management are as follows:

Human Resource Management is expert in managing human resources and so can give advice on matters related to human resources of the organization. Human Resource Management can offer advice to:

1. Advised to Top Management

Personnel manager advises the top management in formulation and evaluation of personnel programs, policies, and procedures.

2. Advised to Departmental Heads

Personnel manager advises the the heads of various departments on matters such as manpower planning, job analysis, job design, recruitment, selection, placement, training, performance appraisal, etc.

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